Cat Socialization Program

Cat Socialization shifts are open to adults 18 and up and to a child (approximately 12+) with a supervising parent. Parent and child will need to attend the shelter for training with our coordinator who will then determine if the child and parent as a team are a good fit for socializing cats.  Only one child will be permitted with the parent in the cat rooms.  Other children should not attend the shelter at the time of the socialization shift. As part of training you will be advised how to identify cats that you should not or need not interact with.


 We are looking for adults or parent/child partners that can commit to six months or more of service and are able to maintain a regular shift on the Cat Socialization schedule. These guidelines for Cat Socialization shifts are in place to ensure everyone’s safety. We are looking for adults or parent/child partners who are experienced with cats and their needs. We are unable to accommodate those that have no experience with cats, as we do not have the human resources to manage the training required.  We are a 100% volunteer run organization.

Cat Temperments

Please remember that cats are loving and caring creatures; however, cats in the shelter come from a wide variety of situations:  abused, feral, lost and can be unpredictable, so care and caution should always be exercised.  We will be asking you to sign a waiver when you arrive for your first training experience.