Donate Your Loblaws Rebate Gift Card

Did You Know?

You can register to receive a free $25 gift card from Loblaws, which can be used at stores operated by Loblaws across the country? This card offer is a result of overcharging for the cost of some packaged bread products in Loblaws owned stores and other grocery stores across Canada for many years.

Donate Your Card to A Local Charity

There is a movement to apply and donate these gift cards to local charities. ADHS would gratefully accept donations of these cards which we can use to purchase animal food, animal supplies and supplies that help to keep the shelter running, including disinfectants, paper

towels, cleaning supplies etc.

To apply go to and click the registration link.

Gifting these cards to the charity of your choice helps all Canadians.

For consumer information on these cards, see this consumer reporter article.

"What you need to know about the $25 Loblaw card" -

How To Donate

Your gift card can be dropped off at the shelter, or the donation bin at Petvalu Alliston, or mailed to ADHS at P O Box 1455, Everett, L0M 1J0, Ontario.